6 Weeks -2 Years

The infant program at Springwood Montessori School lays the foundation for a lifetime of learning. It is said that learning in infancy sets the pattern for life. It should not be random and chaotic but systematic and structured. The prepared environment and sensory materials, which Dr. Montessori developed, are consistent with the development needs and capabilities of a very young child.

In Infant I,  we provide the infants with a spacious room so they can move around freely. Our nurturing staff helps your child develop strong motor and language skills by teaching them sign language and fingerplays. We also include Music, Story Time, and Exercises that help your child continue their growth in their early stage.

Our Infant II program continues as they become Walkers and Explorers. We expand and focus a little more on their growth of Cognitive Skills, Social Skills, Motor Skills and other. We start introducing new concepts that involve them to adhere a new love for learning and exploring.